Social Conditions

Society Overview:

In 2019, the county had a total population of 118,238, a birth population of 1,057, and a death population of 1,328. At the end of 2019, there were 46 schools of all levels and types with 14,396 students and 1,235 faculty members.
The total number of medical and health institutions in the county reaches 128 (including 4 county-level medical institutions, 4 private hospitals, 9 health centers in towns and townships, 63 private village clinics, 34 public village clinics, and 14 private clinics), involving 6 hospitals, 106 primary medical and health institutions, 577 beds, and there are 737 health professionals, including 231 licensed physicians, 97 licensed assistant physicians, 363 registered nurses, and 46 other personnel.