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The root carving in Lushan enjoys a long history which can be traced back to the Eastern Han Dynasty 2,000 years ago with the ebony beast unearthed from a tomb of the Han Dynasty in Siyan Township in 1974. The root carving culture of Han's charms is presented and enriched during the inheritance process in the thousands of years. On the basis of the county's conditions, The CPC Lushan County Committee and Lushan County People's Government established the Lushan Root Carving Preparatory Committee in 2010 and the Lushan Management Committee of China Ebony Root Carving Art City in October 2013. With joint efforts from multiple parties, the root carving industry has been further developed and the Root Carving Industrial Park has been formed progressively. At present, the Root Carving Industrial Park is mainly composed of China Ebony Carving Art City of an area of about 100,000sqm and Root Carving Street of Han's Charm of 0.82km, housing 249 cultural and creative operators including 38 enterprises and 6 provincial craft masters and 500 practitioners. It is now the biggest distribution center of ebony Phoebe zhennan which drives the catering, transportation, service and tourism industries. In February 2013, Lushan was honored as the "China Ebony Carving Art City" by the China Arts and Crafts Association; in July 2014, the Art City was rated as a provincial demonstration base of small enterprises by the Sichuan Provincial Economic and Information Commission; in January 2018, the Root Carving Industrial Park was listed among the Third Batch of Provincial Cultural Industry Demonstration Parks by the Department of Culture of Sichuan Province.